iPhone Photo Stories

👆Friends I meet in the streets of Amsterdam👆

👇Below you find collections of Amsterdam pictures👇

I walk a lot. Mostly in Amsterdam where I live. On my walks I love to make pictures of just anything that make me smile. Amsterdam is great for that.

The energy of Mokum, the local nickname of Amsterdam, is uplifting.
I feel it in every fiber of my soul.

The photo’s you see here are made with an iPhone.

I am not a photographer. I just like capturing little stories, and I see these everywhere.

Please feel free to comment if you like.

I hope you enjoy my little stories as much as I do when I make them. ❤️

Why I keep making photo’s and share them here with you?

In 2020 I got COVID-19. After 10 days of being sick at home I ended up in the ICU at OLVG Hospital in Amsterdam. My breathing suddenly stopped and I was being put on oxygen.

The recovery after my hospitalisation took me 2 years. In fact, I am still trying hard to come back as my mental health got a big hit from COVID-19 as well.

The first few months I wasn’t able to walk for more than a few steps. Only to the bathroom and back to bed. After spending 8 months in bed for most part of each day, I was able to make more steps and I started to walk outside which I really love and it made me feel better.

I forced myself to walk every day because I was sick of being sick and wanted my life back. That didn’t happen overnight, it took me many months. I had, and am still having relapses and flare-ups but, walking around Amsterdam is a blessing. It always makes me smile.

Today I can walk several miles on a day. Which is a close to a miracle. On my walks I make photo’s with my iPhone of almost anything that makes me smile and brings me sparks of joy.
It keeps me going.
My mental health is definitely benefiting from my walks in Amsterdam.

More photo’s are coming, please come back to check them out

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