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In 2014 I published the world’s first solar energy guide.

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From Banking:

For many years I have looked after peoples’ treasures with great pleasure. Being a private banker wasn’t just about getting the best results for my clients. In many ways it was about mutual trust, loyalty and being responsible. ( The short story ‘A VINTAGE DREAM is based on one of my banking experiences )

To Solar:

In 2008, the year the financial crisis hit, I decided it was time to explore new horizons. I became interested in solar energy and found in it a new challenge. At the time, solar energy was a fairly young market with an amazing potential.

I firmly believe that everyone should have easy access to energy. Clean energy. With solar energy we can take one of the possible steps towards this goal. I hope to reach and inspire as many people as I can to produce and consume their own, clean energy. My contribution for a better world.

To The Future:

Financial markets and renewables may be two different disciplines. Yet they cannot grow and sustain without one another in this new economy.
Therefor, my inner drive to make our world a bit more awesome, will be a strong and joyful foundation to work from.


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MSLezendkijkend                                                                    Heel-Holland-Zont



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Heel Holland Zont

  • Platform kennis en advies zonne-energie
  •  Centraal staat de stimulering van de lokale economie.
  • Nationwide Solar Energy initiative for residential homeowners, businesses en large scale projects. Core value is the stimulation of local (micro) economies.


Facebookpage De Zonne-Energiegids

  • Op deze pagina deel ik informatieve zonne-energie gerelateerde  artikelen en schrijf  blogs met betrekking tot de Nederlandse en globale zonne-energiemarkt
  • On this page I share informative solar energy related news articles and write blogs about national and global solar energy developments.

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