solar energy

 Solar Energy

Solar Energy; how it started and where it is going

Living Off the Grid

Sustainable Human

In 2014 I published the Dutch Solar Energy Guide

From Banking

For many years I have looked after peoples’ treasures with great pleasure. Being a private banker wasn’t just about getting the best results for my clients. In many ways it was about mutual trust, loyalty and being responsible. ( The short story ‘A VINTAGE DREAM is based on one of my banking experiences )

To Solar

In 2008, the year the financial crisis hit, I decided it was time to explore new horizons. I became interested in solar energy and found in it a new challenge. At the time, solar energy was a fairly young market with an amazing potential.

I firmly believe that everyone should have easy access to energy. Clean energy. With solar energy we can take one of the possible steps towards this goal. I hope to reach and inspire as many people as I can to produce and consume their own, clean energy. My contribution for a better world.

To More I Love

Financial markets and renewables may be two different disciplines. Yet they cannot grow and sustain without one another in this new economy.
Therefor, my inner drive to make our world a bit more awesome, will be a strong and joyful foundation to work from.

The year 2017 opened new doors for me; Blockchain Technology and Digital Assets.

MSLezendkijkend                                                                    Heel-Holland-Zont

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