An Addition to Fashion

Bucqle Makes life a Little Easier! That is my conclusion after a chat over coffee with two young entrepreneurs on a rooftop terrace in the centre of Amsterdam.

I met up with the two to learn about ‘Bucqle’; ‘an addition to fashion’ as I named it myself. Daan van der Lecq, a Hotelschool Graduate with a passion for entrepreneurship and Jasper Stas, Daan’s business partner. Jasper studied mechanic engineering and already has some sharp signature designs to his name.

It only took Daan a few minutes of his initial pitch for me lean forward so I could have a better look at the Bucqle prototype. Daan came up with this unique fashion accessory invention after rolling down the top of his pair of casual linen pants for years, as they were slightly too big at times. With Bucqle he never has to roll up any of his pants anymore.

But, Bucqle solves more daily clothing and dressing issues.

Bucqle founders, Daan van der Lecq and Jasper Stas

Slip and Pull At The Airport

Belts. We all wear them. Yet, sometimes a belt around your waist is more of a burden rather than helpful. Traveling for instance; at the airport security it’s always a drag to undo yourself of your belt. Then trying to get it back on through the loops (all of them) a few minutes later. And you probably feel clumsy and uncomfortable doing that in public.

Bucqle makes all this a lot easier; in one smooth move you take the Bucqle off of your pants or skirt and slip it back on just as easy. A comfortable time saver.

The teeny tiny smart device slips on your pants or skirt effortlessly, then you gently pull it to fit. Want it a little looser? No problem, just pull it back!

The beauty in all this is that with Bucqle your pants or skirt always looks sharp. No funny wrinkles like you sometimes get when you tighten your belt. Bucqle keeps it all even. It’s like your clothes are always tailored fit.

Bucqle is For Everybody

Parents of small children will be very happy with Bucqle as it makes dressing their youngsters a lot easier and much quicker. No more hassle with belts. Just a simple slip and pull.

People who have difficulties with getting dressed due to health issues or just because age is catching up on their flexibility, Bucqle can be seen as a true rescuer; it makes their morning- and evening routines easier; just slip and pull.

Daan en Jasper are launching a Bucqle fundraising campaign on Kickstarter soon. You can follow up on the Bucqle social network to receive details and how to support the brand.



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