Write for free and create an independent income

The Internet is a valuable source of information. There’s a website for every market, for every hobby, profession, travel destination and whatnot. Specialists, experts or fans of a specific discipline often spend a lot of time writing blogs or creating elaborate websites, offering their knowledge and experience in great detail. For free. But free does not automatically mean that people cannot, or do not, earn any money from such activities. There are many informative websites where nothing is offered for sale but which generate a substantial income.

How? It’s surprisingly easy.

Monetize your valuable knowledge skills and know-how

Suppose your expertise is in equities, investment and/or trading. People around you already see you as a stock and finance oracle and they gratefully follow the advice you give them. You like doing this, you like to demystify something which you are passionate about. You like helping people around you to get ahead financially. But, if you would publish this knowledge on a website – your own website – you could help many more people. Anyone seeking information about financial markets can find their way to your website and your information. Depending on the quality of this information your website can generate some serious traffic, with thousands of hits per month. And therein lies the potential.

There are many companies out there who are looking for websites like yours and who will pay you for referrals to them from your website or blog. For instance, simply add a banner to a website of a broker in the increasingly popular field of binary options. If that broker lands a customer through the link on your site, she/he will pay you a fee. The terms can vary and are even negotiable but such a fee can add up to a couple of hundreds of dollars per successful referral.

Plenty of affiliate marketing opportunities in your field

Whether you are theater buff, you know a lot about flowers, stocks, cars, or you have travelled to every exotic destination imaginable; your knowledge or hobby is worth money. What you need is presence on the world-wide web. Your own website, blog or WordPress account will do the trick. Make sure your website is appealing, take care that it reads well and don’t overfill the homepage, it scares away readers. Organize the content and regularly post unique text/articles. Not just copied and pasted text but something you wrote. Unique content ensures a higher ranking in search engines and helps you generate higher traffic to your site.

Social media too can help here. Use it! After you have put all this in place go search for advertisers who do business with affiliates like you. Start with dedicated affiliate networks. Any search engine will lead you to them right away. Sign up as an affiliate with one or more affiliate networks and select the advertisers that best fit the article you just posted, or the content of the pages on your site.

Done. The step to start collecting fees really is that easy.

Affiliate Marketing; always a win-win situation

Affiliate marketing has matured very rapidly. For many companies this form of marketing is often cheaper because the advertising effort is directed and only costs them when a sale takes place. For website owners, it is interesting because they can earn money with their knowledge, passion, or hobby. A great match. So maybe it’s time for you to invest in creating steady traffic to your site so it becomes an effective affiliate marketing tool and generates an attractive (additional) income for you.

Do you already have a website with decent traffic? Or do you have a database you would like to make money out of? Then it’s just a matter of getting in touch with me (or/an other advertisers) and sign up to start monetizing your website and/or your social media account(s).

Along the way, make sure you keep educating yourself to get the best results out of your affiliate marketing efforts and increase your benefits with this unique win-win situation.

Good luck!


Arjan Eikelenboom

Edited by: Thomas Kaiser


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